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Bartók and the Piano: A Performer’s View  

by Barbara Nissman

Published by Scarecrow Press with CD insert


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"Barbara Nissman’s study and research translate into one of the most thorough examinations of one performer to another. This is an invaluable aid for professional, teacher and student alike."

Leonard Slatkin



"Barbara Nissman's extraordinary pianistic and musical gifts coupled with her astute analytical perception of Bartók's creative art makes for ideal authoritative equipment for the guidance of pianists in the study of Bartók’s great music."

Rosalyn Tureck



"I highly recommend this book. It is an important addition to the Bartók literature, and pianists will find it indispensable."

David Dubal



"In its finest case studies this book is brilliant. Nissman's book is...a triumph. It is well produced, with lavish musical examples, and a generally high level of accuracy."

Malcolm Gillies



"Barbara Nissman’s thorough and perceptive survey of the Bartók piano repertoire fills a real need, thanks to her unswerving focus on the problems and elements that confront all serious interpreters of this music." 

Donald Manildi, Curator,

International Piano Archives at Maryland

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