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What was far more important about this was Nissman's phenomenal playing; she is one of the truly great pianists of the day.

New York Daily News 


Nissman was brilliant, playing with an innate sense of mastery that knew no difficulties; she approached these works as music rather than as some sort of pianistic decathlon.

New York Newsday   


A winning blend of technical command and interpretive insight.

The New York Times  


A refined combination of delicacy and passion- her effortless technique went along with a restrained classicism. 

The New York Times  


Barbara Nissman is probably the reigning Prokofiev specialist of the day.

The New York Post 


With pianist Nissman, Slatkin, and the CSO you got the sense of three mighty forces of nature coalescing: I don't expect ever to hear the piece (Ginastera Piano Concerto) done better.

The Chicago Tribune 


Nissman and Slatkin interacted with one another to produce a performance of stunning power and conviction.

The Chicago Sun-Times  


Virtuosity with her is the handmaiden of musical understanding; where color, intensity, and poetry are required, Nissman delivers the goods.

The Chicago Tribune  


Nissman is a musician who seems undaunted by technical obstacles. She made her way through Rachmaninoff's torrent of keyboard demands with a virtuosic flair. Her playing of the rapturous music was poetic, and in passages calling for velocity and accuracy she had confidence and strength in abundance. 

The Pittsburgh Press          


Nissman gave a performance of rare emotional coherence.Taking Rachmaninoff's quick tempos at their word, she achieved a fleet lyricism that's rare today,and Nissman's phrasing drew upon color, dynamics, and articulation for beautifully nuanced lines.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 


Barbara Nissman, the pianist, made an ideal exponent. 

(Prokofiev's Concerto #4/National Symphony)

The Washington Post   


That a musical performance literally can be breathtaking was demonstrated at 9:35 the end of pianist Barbara Nissman's ravishing performance of the Chopin Db major Nocturne, an audience held its collective breath for what seemed an eternity. No one wanted to shatter the magic. 

The Kansas City Star            


Sheer bravura, rhapsodic lyricism, and classical restraint-she played like natural speech, with perfect control of nuance.

The Times, London


Extraordinary bravura-just an amazing performance.

Die Welt, Berlin  


The American pianist presented herself brilliantly.

Die Welt, Hamburg 


A perfect balance between her artistic mastery of the keyboard and her soul.

Het Parool, Amsterdam  

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