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The Three Oranges Foundation was established in 2017 with the primary goal of making classical music accessible and relevant to everyman— taking it into the community, bringing it into the schools, and making it part of the daily lives of the average person.


Music is the most direct path to the hearts of the people and necessary

for the nurturing of the human spirit.

To read a recent interview with Barbara about the Foundation, click here.

Pianist Barbara Nissman believes that music lifts the spirit and can be made accessible to all who listen. Anyone can respond to classical music— the educated or the novice, the factory worker or the university professor. They just need to be given the right key that opens the door to understanding. Clarifying the music and making it personally relevant to an individual’s emotional experiences engages both the heart and the mind. All that is required is a set of ears to listen and an open soul. Barbara connects the composer directly to the listener. She communicates as a performer, an interpreter, a teacher and as a human being. Her passion for music inspires others, and music is her ministry.


The Three Oranges Foundation was formed to support the innovative educational work of Barbara Nissman as manifested in her lectures, master-classes, informal concerts, solo and orchestral appearances, benefit concerts, and her uniquely conceived DVD series of educational master classes.


“I have trouble articulating the difference between Nissman and other pianists. She seems willing to go over the cliff, hand in hand with the composer.”

To watch a masterclass by Barbara on Bartok's Allegro Barbaro, click here.

               To watch a masterclass on Prokofiev's Sonata No. 6, click here.                                                  To watch a lecture on Ginastera by Barbara, click here



Tommy Bailey, Executive Director

  Barbara Nissman, President

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